A Street of Gastronomic Delight : Jalan Alor


Jalan Alor is the eating mecca of Malaysia.  As self-confessed foodies, we dare not leave Malaysia without exploring their legendary eat street. It was an unwritten law that we both held deep in our tummies : A happy trip is never complete without trying out a local’s delectable cuisine. After all, food is our common ground. It is a universal experience.

Reeling back to history, the street that is now considered the most popular food hunt in Kuala Lumpur was once a Red Light district. Jalan Alor is relatively quiet in the daylight and it magically transforms itself into a vibrant food haven filled with hustle and bustle of hungry tourists and local diners piling in food stalls, makeshift tables and chairs by the roadside.

jalan alor 01Jalan Alor is a melting pot of Oriental dining experience that shouldn’t be missed out when visiting Kuala Lumpur.  The mixture is dominant of Chinese, Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine influence.

So, after having spent the entire day snapping photos of the Petronas towers and strolling around KLCC Suria, Gi and I thought that we both deserve a satiating dinner. Good thing that our hotel was just a few blocks away from this foodies paradise so we just had to walk to get there.

Rows of hawker stalls line both side of the streets, leaving  just enough space for pedestrians and cars to pass. Most of the restaurants have their menus in Chinese characters and some would provide English translations. If you do come across a hawker stall or resto that only offers a menu in Chinese, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Also, most places offer menu with photos of their dishes so you’d get to see what you’re about to eat.

jalan 03

jalan 02

There were just so many choices! We were frazzled where and what to eat. But after a few minutes of soaking in the atmosphere, feeling the vibe of the place and checking out each hawker stall, we had finally decided to eat our hearts out at Wong Ah Wah Restoran. It’s near the end of the strip and it was jam packed with customers. We were thinking that there might be something special about the place which made foreigners and locals flock there and alas, we did not go wrong!

So, let me share what we had for dinner.

food 01

A feast for two.

food 02

food 04

food 03

food 05




Jalan Alor was just so enthralling! Colorful signages were like candies to our eyes. The permeating odor of satays, grilled meat, sauteed seafoods intermingled with the sweet, musky scent of roasted nuts and fresh fruits were such a tease to our nose.


We left the place with our bellies stuffed and our hearts content.

hawker02 hawker03



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