SEÑOR KIMCHI : Asian Mexican Fusion

A Southern California phenomenon has arrived here in Cebu! The newest food fusion in town, Señor Kimchi offers a delightful combination of Korean – Mexican dishes.

If Korea and Mexico intemarried, their offspring would be named – Senor Kimchi!

Señor Kimchi is the brainchild of Kimberley Dacay. It was her fascination of the flavourful combination of Korean – Mexican dishes which led her to pursue her dream to bring the trend here in the Queen City of the South. 

Kim had her first exposure to this type of fusion cuisine when she was living in California a few years ago. She was captured by the delightful combination of Korean – Mexican dishes and this fascination became an inspiration for her to go to culinary school to learn more and explore the eccentricities of the said flavour fusion. Her exploration included brainstorming and working with different chefs from the West who specializes in Asian Mexican fusion cuisine. And thus, SEÑOR KIMCHI was born!


Stepping inside the resto, you’d immediately notice the hip wall mural with bold letterings, “Come Chilli WIth Us” — what a good vibe to end a long day at work or start the weekend right! The wooden tables and charis, rustic hanging lamps and modern service bar, the resto gives off a casual dining experience that’s perfect for catching up with good friends or chilling out with your significant other.


As starters, diners can try their Pepper Bombs, Mushroom Poppers, Jalapeño Quesadilla, Kimchi Quesadilla Roll or their Super Fries. 

When we went there, we had Pepper Bombs and Kimchi Quesadilla Roll for starters. From the name of the dish, we all thought that the pepper bombs would resemble what they call “dynamite” (wrapped green chili  with cheese) in most restaurants. I’d personally say that the  starter dishes we chose surpassed my expectations in terms of flavour and serving size.

6pcs Pepper Bombs filled with crabmeat, cream cheese and cilantro topped with homemade spicy aioli


Kimchi Quesadilla Roll – tortilla rolled with fresh kimchi, monterey jack cheese, rice and choice of meat (chicken, spicy pork, bulgogi beef)


We also tried a number of their House Specials — Chimichanga, Salad Bibimbap, Korean BBQ Tacos and Kimchi Fried Rice.

Chimichanga – deep fried to perfection, filled with rice, beans, cheese and choice of meat (chicken, spicy pork, bulgogi beef)


Korean BBQ Tacos – 2pcs flour tortilla topped with fresh kimchi slaw, house sepcial mango salsa and choice of meat (chicken, spicy pork, bulgogi beef)


Bibimbap Salad – Bowl of rice with fesh babay spring mix, carrots, jicama, red beets, topped with fried egg and house special ko-chu-jang sauce and choice of meat (chicken, spicy pork, bulgogi beef)


Bibimbap Salad paired with Hite, Korea’s #1 pale lager beer


Señor Kimchi offers a mixture of flavours not only from Korea and Mexico, but also from Japan, China and of course, the Philippines. Thus, Asian Mexican Fusion at its finest!


Location: Unit F18 Axis Entertainment Avenue, Escario Street, Cebu City, Philippines.

Operation Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays (11PM-2PM, 5PM-10PM)

For inquiries and reservations, contact +63943-450-2445 or send an email to

For updates, follow @SenorKimchi on Instagram and Facebook.

#SenorKimchi #ComeChilliWithUs


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