Cebuano’s favorite barkada pizzeria place is back! And this time, Greenwich Raintree Mall reopens with a bigger, better and bolder look!


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After its recent renovation, the new store concept now features a lounge, main dining area, balcony, banquet and an enclosed dining space fit for everyone’s needs.

Diners can now choose from different seating options: couches, booth and long tables with bar stools. The interiors are made more rustic with wooden pizza peels, tin buckets, and colorful ceramics to bring forth a concept with a goal of making Greenwich feel like home. Everything is perfectly put up to give one an instant feel of being in an authentic pizzeria.


To give the restaurant a more distinctive look, modern accents like digital menu boards and colorful graphics with cheesy lines and colloquial phrases are displayed all over the store.

The young, modern, mid-century industrial neighborhood pizzeria feel of Greenwich added quirkiness to the restaurant — an attraction to the hipper, trendier market.

With the expertise of W. Lopez Designs and Space Encounters, two of the most distinguished entities in the world of design in the Philippines, the vision of making Greenwich’s latest store concept a timeless one has come into life. What a great place to create memories with your loved ones at any occasions, wherever and whenever!

Check out the beautiful improvements you’ll love at Greenwich Raintree Mall branch:

Different Seating Options, Spacious Dining Area


Rustic Interiors

With the use of wood and brick elements, Greenwich’s new store concept boasts of an interior reminiscent of a familiar and homey feel.


Modern Accents

Colorful graphics with cheesy lines and colloquial phrases are displayed all over the store. Every corner of Greenwich’s new concept store is so intragrammable — the young, modern millennials would rejoice!




Greenwich – Raintree Mall Branch

Ground Level, Raintree Mall, Gen. A. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City

Phone Numbers : (+63 32) 254-1000 / (+63 32) 254-09631

Delivery : 5-5555


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