Alburs : More than just Pizza + Burger + Grill

Tucked in a secluded location in Mabolo, at the far end of the residential neighborhood of Villa Aurora, you’ll find a cozy hangout place that offers good food at reasonable prices. Away from the bustle of the crowd, Alburs is a perfect venue for unwinding and catching up with good friends.


Casual and Cosy Dining 

Bean bags and low round tables at the entrance of the restaurant makes a bold statement that you’ve come to the right place to chill. Just behind the bean bags are long tables ideal for groups and regular square tables with colorful tabletop designs free hand-painted by different artists. Its expansive al fresco dining gives off a comfortable and homey ambiance.

At the back is a wide counter where you get a glimpse of your orders being prepared for dispatching. And perched at the top of the counter are chalkboards with the restaurant’s menu. On the right side of the order counter is a closed air conditioned room with glass sliding doors ideal for exclusive functions and private gatherings. Diners at Alburs can choose from the different seating options.






All-in at Alburs

Having worked for five-star hotels and restaurants, Chef Gerard Albor, together with his friends decided to open a restaurant where Southsiders can relax, loosen up and feast on good food without putting a hole in their pockets. Alburs boasts an “All-in” menu with a variety of flavours from East to West.

If you’re feeling Italian, you can choose from their different pizza flavours (Sofia, 4Season, Monroe, Tiffany, Mario, Gaziano, Truffle, Jandrick and Berto’s All Meat) and pasta (Truffle Carbonara and Linguine Vongole).

Their best selling pizza is the 4Season with 4 flavours in one pizza – pepperoni, mushroom, grilled chicken and tomatoes and cheese. Chef Albors’ personal choice is the truffle pizza while our favorite is the Jandrick’s . What makes the Jandrick pizza a stand-out is that it has sausage meat in between the dough pizza fold on the side.

Best seller 4Season Pizza
Truffle Pizza
Jandrick’s Pizza
12823095_10206332497256710_642352520_o (1)
Berto’s All Meat
Seafood Pasta


If you’re feeling Asian, order their savoury Phat Pho or Seafood Pho. Then on the side, you can get some spring rolls. ( Vietnamese Spring Roll, Fresh Spring Roll and Vegatarian Spring Roll). Now, let me elaborate on their pho because their Seafood Pho is something worth raving about. The linguine-shaped rice noodles were firm and perfectly cooked, the broth was sweet and spicy at the same time. The subtle play between the herbs, greens and sweet-spicy broth combined with the firmness of the rice noodles made it a bowl of heaven. I claim it was such a hearty noodle soup! Alburs take on the Viet cuisine are so on-point!

Seafood Pho


Vietnamese Spring Roll and Fresh Spring Roll
Fresh Spring Roll
Vietnamese Spring Roll
Bahn Mi


If you’re craving for something Japanese, you can get their Prawn Crackling Tempura.


If you’re feeling American, you can eat your heart out with their loaded burgers— Southside, Truffle, Heart Stopper and Longga Burger. Their burgers comes with fries on the side .

12443627_10206337776668692_2043022448_o (1)
Southside Burger, Truffle Burger and Heart Stopper Burger
Southside Burger
Heart Stopper Burger

If you’re famished and up for a filling meal, you can  chow on their  straightforward main courses: Confit Kawali with Adobo Rice, US Striploin Beef and Burger Steak. For only P290, you get yourself a tender and juicy striploin cut steak with buttered vegetables and creamy mashed potato on the side. This meal could’ve cost around P350+ in other resto. Their Confit Kawali with Adobo Rice at only P280 is also a must try! Slabs of meat deep fried into golden perfection with 2 choices of dips (gravy and vinegar) were an easy favorite. The abodo rice could even pass as a standalone winner!

US Striploin Steak


Confit Kawali with Adobo Rice

With hotel quality dishes priced reasonably and a cosy ambiance, Alburs Restaurant is an easy favorite! It’s a hang-out place that you’d keep coming back to.

alburs location
Alburs’ location map

Location : Gen. Lim St., Villa Aurora, Mabolo, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Operation Hours : Mondays – Sundays (3 PM to 12 Midnight)For reservations, you may call them at (032) 513 9147

For reservations, you may call them at (032) 513 9147

For updates, follow their social media sites:

Facebook :
Instagram : @alburscebu

Visit them with your friends and share your favorites on the comments section below 🙂


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  1. Seriously? Why haven’t I heard of this place? Alburs looks absolutely amazing, and the ambiance looks cool. I would love to chill with friends by the beanbags.

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