There’s Always a Room for Dessert!

A welcome addition to the growing number of dessert places and cafes in the metro, Casa Verde Group of Company opens a new restaurant that offers delectable cakes, premium soft serve ice creams, cold and hot drinks, rich coffee blends and filling sandwiches.



Ideally located at the 3rd Level, Sky Park of SM Seaside City, Room for Dessert by Casa Verde is the perfect place to pass the time away, bond with friends or hold casual meetings over coffee and desserts. SM Seaside City’s Sky Park offers a panoramic view of Cebu’s mountain and city landscape. If you want to catch the sunset while satisfying your sweet cravings, Room for Dessert is the best place to lounge! And with a playground just around the corner of Sky Park, this dessert café is a sure hit to both kids and kids at heart.


The cube design and the glass walls of the café allow for an abundance of natural light to permeate inside the place during daytime and this gives off a light and warm atmosphere — a cozy ambiance. Upon entering the place, to the right, you’d see a medium sized chiller where their mouth-watering cakes are flaunted, and behind their counter is a meticulous display of teapots and mason jars. Overhead the counter is a chalkboard signage with fun and stylish scribbles. Separating the dining area from the counter is an intricate divider of wood and steel construction. The whole place has that industrial chic laid-back vibe. In one setting, the dessert place can accommodate around thirty people.





Room for Dessert offers a variety of treats that would surely bring sheer delight to dessert lovers. They have an assortment of cakes to choose from such as Red Velvet, Rainbow, Cookie Dough, Tiramisu and Lemon Curd. All their cakes have the right sweetness that’s not overwhelming to the palate.

My personal favorite is Tiramisu! The rich cocoa taste in between the mixture of light, fluffy cream cheese mousse and the hint of espresso is a pleasing outburst of flavors in my mouth.

Clockwise from the top: Rainbow Cake, Tiramisu, Lemon Curd Cheesecake, and Red Velvet
Rainbow Cake
Lemon Curd Cheesecake
Red Velvet Cake

To complement their delicious cakes, Room for Dessert also offers an array of cold and hot drinks such as tea, smoothies and coffee blends.

Room for Dessert’s coffee is made using a blend of premium Arabica beans with a light sprinkling of earthy Liberica coffee for a rich, smooth flavor and distinct aroma. At an affordable price of P100-P120 for ice blended coffee and P50-P125 for hot drinks, you’d already get our caffeine fix. Their coffee blends have the same quality similar to those being offered by pricey coffee shops in the metro.


Room  for Dessert also offers premium soft-serve ice cream with toppings and fairy floss (cotton candy). I remembered the last time I ate cotton candy was way back in college so I felt giddy when we were served these sweet treats. At a fair price of P59 (cone) and P69 (cup), you can enjoy a smooth and creamy soft-serve ice cream enveloped by sugar sweet fairy floss.

You can choose from the different soft-serve ice cream flavors named mainly after their toppings: Mason’s Bear Jelly, Juliana’s Cookie Madness, Jayden’s Jar of Cereals, K Pop C’s, Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate. If you’re feeling inventive, they also allow you to create your own cup for a maximum of two toppings of your choice. How cool is that?!

My personal favorites among their soft-serve ice creams are K Pop C’s and Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate. What I like about the K Pop C’s are the popping candy toppings. It felt so nostalgic. It reminded me of the lollipop with popping candy dip which I always buy after class during my primary school years. While Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate is loaded with Kit Kat bars, M&Ms and drizzled with chocolate syrup. It’s so chocolatey you’d definitely go sugar high!

Tip: When eating the soft-serve ice cream, be quick to snap photos as the ice cream would melt and the fairly floss would get wet. Get a little bit of everything in one mouthful (ice cream, toppings and fairy floss) to get an explosion of flavour in your mouth!


Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate
K Pop C’s
Mason’s Bear jelly


If you’re not in the mood for sweets, you can choose from the variety of Sandwiches which Room for Dessert also offers: Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, Beed  Pastrami, Roast Beef, Turkey, Skirt Steak and Pulled pork. Their sandwiches are available in 6-inch (P130-P260) or 12-inch (P240-P298) sizes. It’s perfect for a light meal or a filling snack!

Prior to our sweet escapade, we had a sumptuous lunch at Casa Verde so we weren’t able to try their sandwiches. Literally speaking, we only had a room for desserts left in our tummies. Their sandwiches are certainly worth coming back for.

With its comfortable atmosphere, fair prices, good service, appealing location, and delicious foods, Room for Dessert is one happy place where you can spend a good time with your family and friends. For both young and young at heart, there’s always a room for dessert!


Location: 3rd Level, Sky Park of SM Seaside City, SRP

For updates and promos, follow them online
Facebook: Room for Dessert by: Casa Verde
Instagram: @roomfordessertbycv

Check out Room for Dessert by Casa Verde with your family and friends at the 3rd Level, Sky Park of SM Seaside City and share your experience in the comments below! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “There’s Always a Room for Dessert!

  1. Those cakes look heavenly, especially the rainbow cake! Definitely Instagram and Pinterest worthy! And the dessert with the candy floss looks amazing! I have such a sweet tooth, so I’m sure I’ll try out everything in their menu.

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