Hole-in-the-Wall Eats in Cebu: Burgaholic


Not all burgers are created equal. There are short stack fast food burgers, towering gourmet burgers, street style burgers, and many others. But when we qualify what a good char-grilled burger is, all would agree to these core components: succulent patty, fresh toasted buns, and a perfect assembly of fresh veggies and flavorful sauce.

If you’re looking for a fairly priced char-grilled burger in the metro that’s different from the others, there’s a burger place The Lifeaholics recently discovered and highly recommend!

What started as a family food affair, Burgaholic has evolved into a favorite hole-in-the-wall burger place in Cebu. Unbeknownst to many, Juan Ismael Arceo (others fondly call him Budji), the brainchild of Burgaholic burgers is not a trained chef. He’s a casino dealer by profession but his interest and passion in creating great food has brought him to open Burgaholic.

BURGAHOLIC’s Rib-O-holic and Burgers (Classic, Quarter Pounder, and Half Pounder)



Located in a quiet neighborhood along Ma. Christina Extension in Capitol Site, just beside a popular under-the-radar resto bar, there’s a hidden gem that’s slowly gaining a foothold in Cebu’s Burger scene. A wafting smell of char-grilled meat and a small tarp that is hung by their gate which served as the store’s signage would announce that you’ve come to a place where good food is served.


Great food without the fuss and fancy — that’s how we describe Burgaholic.

Burgaholic’s Pit Mister grilling the beef patties



100% Beef Patties grilled over hot glowing coal


Burgaholic has been grilling burgers at their own garage for over a year now.  The humble place provides a  comfortable and homey ambiance with a seating capacity of around thirty. Despite not having elaborate and gaudy wall decors similar to fancy restaurants, Burgaholic guarantees a good and satisfying meal without putting a hole in your pocket. Its laid back atmosphere makes you feel at home. With the crew grilling burger patties in the corner and tables and chairs set-up around the place, you’re all set to enjoy and gorge on their juicy burgers!


Budji said that the secret to his delicious burgers is the use of fresh and premium ingredients. Their burger patties are made of 100% pure beef. You know that feeling of getting ripped off with meat extenders? No, you won’t get that at Burgaholics!

Their core offerings revolve around burgers. You can choose from their Classic, Quarter Pounder and Half Pounder burgers.

Burgaholic Burgers
Burgaholic Classic, Quarter Pounder and Half Pounder burgers




At only Php100, you’ll get a hand on their Classic Burger that’s an assembly of succulent beef patty with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pickles, onions and their signature Cheesy Mushroom Sauce in a bun. And if you prefer extra meat, you can add bacon for an additional Php20. If you’re up for something more filling, The Quarter Pounder, priced at P175, is just right for you. It’s a beefed-up version of The Classic served with bacon and jalapeños. If you came with a big appetite like Gi (my co-Lifeaholic), grab their loaded Half Pounder burger at only P295. It’s awesomely big and filling!

Aside from their juicy char-grilled burgers, Burgaholic has recently offered Rib-O-holic, a personal favorite! Lean and tender slab of ribs with a spicy kick — this version of Burgaholic’s back ribs is definitely a sure hit. Unlike other restaurants’ back ribs slathered with barbecue sauce, Rib-O-holic doesn’t need any special dip or sauce to make it savory. It’s delicious as is, a stand-out winner! It’s served with creamy mashed potatoes and buttered mixed vegetables on the side.

Burgaholic’s RIb-O-holic

Burgaholic has plans on expanding their menu and I’m very excited about the new additions they’re cooking up. Soon, they’ll be serving Louisana Gumbo (chicken wrap with avocado slices) to complement their existing offerings.


We were the first customers of the day when we visited Burgaholic. Upon entering the resto’s premises, we were warmly welcomed by Tita Nancy and Budji who were very accommodating to our needs. The crew were equally friendly and quick with the preparation of our meals. We were treated like family who came for a visit. The evening was filled with stories shared over great food and good company.

Cebu Bloggers Society with the BURGAHOLIC crew

As the name of the resto suggests, Burg (short for burger) and -holic (suffix added to a word to indicate addiction), one would leave the place a certified Burgaholic!

As of the moment, Burgaholic doesn’t accept deliveries yet. You can personally check them out at 173 M.P. Yap Street, Cebu City (beside Bordz Resto Bar) They’re open Mondays to Saturdays from 6:30PM to 12:30MN

The Lifeaholics at Burgaholic! 🙂

Check out Burgaholic and let us know your thoughts about this hole-in-the-wall restaurant! Share your comments below 🙂


Location : 173 M.P. Yap Street, Cebu City (beside Bordz Resto Bar)
Operation Hours : Mondays – Saturdays (6:30PM – 12:30MN)
Contact Number : (032) 254 0990




2 thoughts on “Hole-in-the-Wall Eats in Cebu: Burgaholic

  1. Every food blogger and enthusiast I know always recommend me to try Burgaholic! I guess this hole-in-the-wall really is one of a kind. One of these days when I’m craving for burgers I should try this out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should! Burgaholic boasts of high quality meat with no extenders and they’re adding more interesting stuff in their menu. I recommend you try their Rib-o-holic (back ribs with their secret dry rub)


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