Last May 8,  Hausbrandt Caffé , an Italian Coffee brand with branches in 70 countries all over the world, made its mark in the Philippines with the opening of its first branch in the country located in Cebu.

Unlike the many coffee shops in the metro where coffee is commonly brewed through an Espresso Machine, Hausbrandt Caffé boasts the old Italian and traditional way of preparing coffee with a touch of Filipino hospitality. What differentiates them from the other coffee places is their Brew Your Own Coffee (BYOC). It’s an interactive and refreshing take on enjoying coffee — an experience worth trying!





Hausbrandt Caffé is located at the 2nd Floor of Capitol Square just above Family Mart, a popular chain of convenience stores. The caffé gives its customers the option to lounge al fresco or bask in the cool air indoors. Hausbrandt also has a conference room which  accommodates 8-10 people at a consumable rate of P2500. It’s an ideal venue for meetings or intimate gatherings.


Hausbrandt uses premium Nero quality Arabica beans brewed in a Bialetti Cafetera. With their Brew Your Own Coffee (BYOC), Hausbrandt Caffé’s experienced baristas will walk you through the coffee brewing process using a lama genet (Italian for Little Machine) and the importance of brewing coffee. From the interaction, you’ll learn how opening or closing lids will matter in the coffee’s final taste.

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Hausbrandt Cafee’s Bialetti Cafetera – machine used for the Brew Your Own Cup (BYOC) experience


At P350, you can experience Hausbrandt’s signature Brew Your Own Coffee (BYOC) experience that’s good for 2 servings. You can choose between Café Latte, Americano, Expresso and Capuccino. The coffee aroma distinctive of the brand is subtle and stimulating. You and your family or group of friends will surely enjoy the interactive coffee experience unique to Hausbrandt.


Aside from coffee beverages, Hausbrandt Caffe also serves sandwiches, cakes, pastries, juices, hot chocolate and their own Hausbrandt tea.



Hausbrandt Caffe’s staff

A few days after the opening, we visited the cafe the second time around. Gi and I agreed to meet up at Hausbrandt after voting at our respective precincts. It was uncomfortably hot outside that I decided to get a cold drink. After getting seated, one of their crew readily offered me a glass a water. I was totally impressed by this simple gesture. It’s agreeably pleasant to know that their staff is very perceptive of their customers’ needs. After downing the cold glass of water, I then ordered Mochaccino and happily waited for my constant to arrive.

Hausbrandt Caffe’s Mochaccino

The caffé starts brewing at 8am and closes at 12 midnight.

For more information, you can check their website and social media pages:
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Facebook: HausBrandtPH
Instagram: @HausBrandtPH