If you find yourself suddenly craving for that home-cooked goodness of your mom’s Lasagna in the middle of the day and it’s impossible for her to make you one, fret not! Consider your cravings solved by The Lasagne Que.


Armed with a recipe handed by her mom, Shing Pacana took the courage to pursue the sumptuous meal that she grew up with into a food business. Unbeknownst to many, The Lasagne Que has been delivering delicious lasagna to a lot of satisfied customers for the past three years. Shing started accepting orders from her friends. She joined food bazaars and promoted the business through social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) Over the years, through word of mouth and Shing’s perseverance, the Lasagna Que has gained a growing customer base until she finally decided to put her mark in Cebu’s local food scene by opening a physical kiosk at Makan Ahooy, a small food complex located right across USPF School, along Salinas Drive, Lahug.





For just a hundred bucks, you’ll get to satisfy your pasta craving with a generous serving of this classic Italian dish baked to suit the Filipino palate. The lasagna was meaty, the pasta was firm. We loved how cheesy and creamy it was. When we went there, we were glad that it was served hot straight from the oven and it came with sliced buttered bread on the side. Although we wanted the bread to be more toasted, it was good enough for the price of the meal.

The Lasagne Que Lasagna (Solo serving with buttered bread)

For drinks, they have Iced Tea and Calamansi juice served in cute and colorful bottles. Too cute you want to take them home! Haha.

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To cap off your lasagna indulgence, you can order their oreo ice cream (P30 / P60) or leche flan (P25). You can’t go wrong with these two sweet treats!

The leche flan was smooth and creamy. Its consistency was excellent and we loved that it’s not overly sweet. The oreo ice cream was a cool treat too especially it was hot when dined there.


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The Lasagne Que desserts : Oreo Ice Cream and Leche Flan


If you want to share the lasagna goodness with your friends, family or workmates, you can order their Lasagna by trays. It’s perfect for potluck parties. It saves you from the hassle of cooking and cleaning especially if you have a tight schedule to work on.

The small tray which is good for 4 to 5 persons only costs P350. The tray for 5-7 persons is P650, the one good for 10-14 persons is P1000 and their largest lasagna tray which is good for 20-24 persons costs P1,800.

The Lasagna Que’s small tray lasagna (good for 4-5 persons)
Lasagna party at The Lasagne Que with friends!
Mike and Shing, owner of The Lasagne Que

Visit The Lasagne Que at the Makan Ahooy Food Kiosk, along Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City (in front of USPF School). For orders and deliveries, you may contact them at 09399673010

Facebook: www.fb.com/thelasagneque
Instagram: thelasagneque



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