If you love Fudge’s desserts, you’ll fall for Lava’s sweet treats even harder. Lava by Fudge carries its parent company’s (Fudge) popular desserts plus other exciting dishes that’s unique to the cafe. 

Branded after the lava cakes which made Fudge popular, Lava by Fudge is more than just desserts and sweet guilty pleasures. The dessert cafe also offers sandwiches, salads, pasta and sumptuous rice meals.


Here are our top picks from their non-dessert dishes :

1. Quesadilla

Meaty and cheesy quesadilla from Lava by Fudge are perfect munchies on afternoon dates with friends and family.

2. Pulled Pork Sandwich

Lava by Fudge Pulled Pork Sandwich

If you don’t feel like eating rice but you want something equally filling, Lava by Fudge’s Pulled Pork Sandwich will satiate your hunger and impress your taste buds with its semi-sweet and savory meat. It’s served with creamy macaroni salad and crunchy potato chips on the side.

3. Chicken Curry Pie

Lava by Fudge Chicken Curry Pie

One of Lava by Fudge’s best sellers, this chicken curry pie is the perfect grab-and-go snack. The pie filling is a mixture of chicken and diced veggies in curry flavor. We loved that the curry flavor was mild and not too overpowering. The dough was golden brown and nicely baked.

4. Korean Beef Stew

Lava by Fudge Korean Beed Stew with Kimchi on the side

A Korean dish with a Filipino twist. Lava by Fudge’s Korean Beef Stew was flavorful. The beef was so soft and tender. The soup reminded me of the Cebuano Humba. It was sweet with a kick of spicy. Surprisingly, it was everybody’s favorite non-dessert dish during the foodie meet-up.


And of course, for the sweet tooth who always have a room for dessert in their tummy, here are delectable after meal sweets that you can enjoy from Lava by Fudge :

1. Lava Cake (Original, Cookie Chip, Red Velvet and Smores) 

Named after their best-selling dessert, Lava by Fudge serves the BEST molten chocolate (lava) cake in the metro! 

Gi prefers the Original while my personal favorite among their lava cakes is the Chocolate Chip. I love how the chewy cookie that envelopes the hot molten chocolate and the classic vanilla ice cream on top of the cake creates a very pleasing sense to the palate. Hot and cold. Chewy. Gooey. Chocolatey. That’s how I’d describe Lava’s molten chocolate cakes.

The S’mores lava cake is also a must try.  The sweet and sticky roasted marshmallows on top of a chocolate cake with molten chocolate inside will you give you some serious campfire feels! 

Chocolate Chip Lava Cake from Lava by Fudge (P120) 
S’mores Lava Cake from Lava by Fudge (P120)

2. Reese Cake (P110/slice)

If you’re a sucker for anything peanut butter, you’d surely be delighted with Lava by Fudge’s Reese cake. It’s layers upon layers of rich chocolate and creamy Reese peanut butter. A spoonful of this luscious dessert can be overwhelming for some but this tops the list of my favorite desserts from Lava. 

Reese Cake from Lava by Fudge 

3. Chocolate cake

A classic favorite, Lava by Fudge’s triple layer chocolate cake has the right amount of sweetness that’s perfect for after meal dessert or afternoon merienda with your favorite coffee.

And did you know that this moist and decadent chocolate cake from Lava by Fudge is also served at the Dessert Station of Vikings in SM City Cebu? Oh yes. 

Classic Chocolate cake from Lava by Fudge

4. Nutella Banana Cake (P110/slice)

When someone mentioned that we’ll be served banana cake. I was probably the least enthusiastic. I thought it would be similar to the boring banana cakes I’ve had several times during snack time. Lava’s Nutella Banana cake came as a surprise! It was soft, moist creamy and pleasantly light. The marble effect created by the nutella and banana cake mixture looked heavenly.  It’s an easy favorite. Simple yet exquisite.


5. Rum Cake (P75/slice)

This alcohol infused cake look nothing fancy. Only dustings of powdered sugar spruced up the cake’s appearance. It’s plain and simple yet its flavor is elaborate. When I took the first bite of Lava’s rum cake, I found it sugary sweet. After eating a few mouthfuls, I discerned the rum’s bold flavor balancing the sweetness of the cake. It’s an exciting perfect pair to your regular tea or afternoon coffee.


Lava by Fudge’s offerings may not be as extensive as Fudge’s, but it’ll give you dessert options that you’ll love coming back for. They offer quality and affordable light meals, afternoon snacks, and desserts. It’s one of the few home-grown dessert cafes that creates a mark in every dessert lover. Averting from the mainstream cafes, Lava by Fudge makes for a perfect afternoon or evening rendezvous.



Lava by Fudge Branches :

2/F North Wing, SM City Cebu
10am to 9pm

G/F Ayala Center Cebu
10am to 9pm
(032) 340-9241

Sky Park, Third Floor, SM Seaside City Cebu
10am to 9pm

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