Cebu’s dessert places may be numerous but only a few comes on top of our minds when we think of indulging on delightful after-meal treats. A stand out for us in 10 Dove Street Confectionery (10 DC) located at Oakridge Pavilion in A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City, just a few steps away from their restaurant, 10 Dove Street.

With its convenient location, modern chic interiors, homey ambiance and mouth watering display of cakes and pastry assortments, you’d surely be put under an enchanting spell when you visit this dessert place.

This month, in celebration of 10 Dove Street Confectionery’s first anniversary, they’re bringing in chocolate madness with a Chocolate Bonanza. From September 28 – October 5, customers can enjoy a heavenly spread of cakes and desserts that are chocolatey inside and out, top to bottom!

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10 Dove Street Confectionery Facade 
10 Dove Street Confectionery CHOCOLATE BONANZA



The Lifeaholics lists down 10 chocolatey goodness that’s waiting for you at 10 DC’s Chocolate Bonanza!

  1. Chocolate Decadence (P110/slice; P850 – 9″ whole cake)

A favorite classic. Their all-time best selling Chocolate Decadence cake is a foolproof way to satisfy your chocolate cravings. It’s moist, luscious and decadent


2. German Chocolate Cake (P130/slice; P1,100 – 9″ whole cake)

A new found favorite! Layered chocolate cake filled with caramel custard, topped with chopped pecans and toasted coconut. It’s moist and creamy at the same time. We love the interesting texture of this cake!



3. Rocky Road (P130/slice; P1,1oo – 9″ whole cake)

If you’re fond of Rocky road ice cream, this cake is definitely for you! Just like the ice cream version, this chocolate cake is filled and topped with mallows and nuts; and frosted with chocolate cream.


4. Marbled Bundt (P130/slice; P1,100 – 9″ whole cake)

A unique cake from their Chocolate Bonanza offering, Marbled Bundt is a butter cake blended with chocolate and generously frosted with chocolate ganache.


5. Hey Charlie Brown (P130/slice; P1,100 – 9″ whole cake)

This layered chocolate cake filled with chocolate-fudge peanut butter, topped with toasted chopped peanuts is so good, it would make you say,” Hey! Another slice, please.”


5. Chocolate Italian (P130/slice; P1,100 – 9″ whole cake)

A light chocolate cake that’s frosted and filled with rich chocolate, toasted coconut and finely chopped pecans. If you’re someone who loves a lot of texture in their cake and you’re leaning towards cakes with a hint of tropical flavor, this is a perfect choice.


6. Speckled Cake (P110/slice; P850 – 9″ whole cake)

Dotted with milk chocolate, Speckled Cake is a butter cake grated generously with chocolate and frosted with chocolate cream.


7. Nelusko (P110/slice; P850 – 9″ whole cake)

A layered chocolate cake with creamy custard filling, frosted and topped with chocolate butter cream. Indulge in your sweet chocolate cravings with this extra rich and luscious cake.



8. Brownie Chunk Cheesacake  

Imagine two sweet treats in one plate : Brownies + Cheesecake! The chewy and melt-in-your-mouth brownie chunks gave a quirky twist to the classic cheesecake dessert that we all love.


9. Chocolate Pops (P40/piece) — Chocolate cake crumbs are fomed into balls, dipped in chocolate ganache, coated with sprinkles, crushed oreo and chopped nuts

10. Decadence Cupcakes (P60/piece) — Moist and rich chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate fudge


And to complete the chocolate madness, 10 Dove Street Confectionery is offering their featured drink for a limited time only — the Chocolate Shake Overload. It’s basically chocolate shake topped with whipped cream, chocolate cookies, candy sprinkles and chocolate wafers. This pretty glass of chocolate shake make look overly sweet but it’s not. It has the right sweetness that wouldn’t sting your throat.


Make your September sweet and something to remember! Bring your family, friends or SO to 10 Dove Street Confectionery and enjoy  the chocolatiest chocolatey experience. As they say, “Chocolae is always a good idea!”



Good news to dessert lovers and their loyal customers since 2002! Before the year ends, 10 Dove Street Confectionery will open 2 more branches in Cebu. This November, they’ll be opening a branch in Axis Entertainment Avenue at Vibo Place, along Escario Street, Cebu City. And by December, they’ll also open another branch in  SM Seaside City Cebu. It will be a full-scale restaurant that will feature their well-loved dishes and popular desserts.


Visit 10 Dove Street Confectionery at the Oakridge pavillion, A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City. They’re open from 7am – 11pm, Mondays – Sundays.

Like their Facebook Page for updates and current promotions. Follow their Instagram page @tendovestreet

For orders and inquiries, you may call them at (+6332) 425 8094 or you can also email them at