Known for more than fifteen years of serving delicious pastries and great tasting cakes in Cebu, 10 Dove Street has now become a favorite place for dessert lovers especially on special occasions.

As the graduation month caps off, 10 Dove Street shares this sweet triumph to all Graduates of 2017, offering its limited edition Graduation Cakes, which would surely make your favorite graduate’s march a milestone to remember.


Introducing the 10 Dove Street’s Happy March Cake, that is sure to bring out a huge smile to your favorite graduate. Made with layers of decadent chocolate cake and filled with homemade signature chocolate fudge and raspberry filling, for only P795, this delicious smiley cake is definitely the top of the class!


For the graduates who want to celebrate with pride of their school color, 10 Dove Street features Blue Varsity Cake and Green Varsity Cake, layered with chocolate cake and lusciously filled with 10 Dove Street’s homemade chocolate fudge and strawberry cream and emblazoned with 2017 on top, and finished off with sprinkles of either blue or green color. A great way to pay homage to the graduates’ alma mater for only P695.



Drop by in any of 10 Dove Street Confectionery branches in Oakridge Business Park and in Axis Vibo Place or in any of 10 Dove Street Café in Oakridge Business Park and Chong Hua Mandaue. You can call 032-418-1010 or email to order.

For promo updates, you can follow them on Facebook at @ten.dove.street