Japanese meals now available at Fujinoya

When we talk about delicious Japanese desserts and specialty coffee in the metro, only a handful of cafés would come to mind and Fujinoya is one of the few who’d top the list.

Fujinoya  (Photo from Fujinoya Philippines Facebook page)

It was our first encounter with their eclairs that we fell for Fujinoya. Numerous rendezvous with the beau took place in this quaint cafe and I fondly recall a good number of hours spent here sipping my favorite matcha latte, gorging on their Japanese cheesecake and tiramisu while doing freelance work on the side. Though fully satisfied with their service and dessert offerings, I was looking forward to a menu with dishes that are both hearty and filling especially when I spend hours in the café longer than I expected.

A few weeks ago, we received an invitation for the launching of their Japanese meals and I was ecstatic to hear about it. I was even more excited to know that we’ll have a hand in making Onigiri. Also known as Japanese rice balls, onigiri are usually formed in triangular shape, stuffed with tasty filling and wrapped in nori (seaweed). If the West have sandwiches as go-to meals, Japan has onigiri for quick and easy snacks.

Onigiri Making

Ichiriki Chaya x Fujinoya Onigiri Making
Ichiriki Chaya team showing us the technique of shaping onigiri in a triangular form

Eating onigiri is plain easy. I didn’t realize that making it would be a challenging feat. Nevertheless, the activity was fun and engaging. In contrast with the delicate process of sushi making, with onigiri, you can get creative and crafty. Though traditionally, onigiri is formed in a triangular shape, it can also take a cylindrical form. It can also be decorated with little faces or dressed up in animal shapes. Some classic onigiri fillings are pickled plum, bonito flakes, cooked salmon and chopped pickles. For the activity, we played with both traditioal and non-traditional fillings. For my onigiri, I opted to use flaked tuna and mayonnaise.

Learning how to make an Onigiri at Fujinoya
Ta-da! My first shot at making onigiri 🙂

Fujinoya x Ichiriki Chaya

Known for its Japanese cakes and specialty coffee, Fujinoya now offers Japanese meals, made possible by its recent collaboration with Ichiriki Chaya.


Japanese Udon meals available at Fujinoya

Both restaurants have a reputation for serving truly authentic Japanese food. Ichiriki Chaya has been operating years and is known for their rice meals and noodle meals, as well as Japanese snacks. Fujinoya, on the other hand, has been a trusted brand when it comes to Japanese cakes and pastries for almost three years.

For Fujinoya president, Carlostito Gothong, collaborating with Ichiriki Chaya completes the shop.

“I partnered with Ichiriki Chaya because I felt that Fujinoya was missing just a little something to make it complete. I’ve been a customer of Ichiriki for quite a few years and have known how good they make their products. It was very easy to reach out and partner with them and right now, I definitely feel that Fujinoya found its perfect partner,” Gothong said.

Here are a few of the Japanese meals that you can try at Fujinoya :

Tempura Udon
Niki Udon
Tanuki Udon
Curry Udon
Inaniwa Udon
Sushi and Sashimi Platter

Aside from the featured Japanese udon, sushi and sashimi platter above, they also serve Ramen (Shoyu, Chasu, Tonkotsu, Gomoku, Miso, Hiyashi Chuka and Chyanpon). Fujinoya also now offers a variety of Rice meals such as Ebi Chahan, Gomoku Chahan, Katsu Curry Rice, Gyu Don, and Omelette rice. Fro those who love set meals, they also have Bento Lunch Boxes (Tempura, Tonkatsu, Pork Shogayaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Karaage and Chuka)

Fujinoya is located in Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City. It’s open from 11AM to 11PM. For inquiries and reservations, you may call (032) 888-6075.


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