Baking Memories at Marisse Patisserie



Owned by a family of culinary enthusiasts, Marisse Patisserie’s operations are overseen by Marisse Alvarez-Sy. The head honcho of the business, Marisse fondly remembers an afternoon with her mom when they created her first baking memory of delicious apple dumplings. Her earlier days were spent at the kitchen which showed her affinity to cooking and baking.

Marisse Alvarez – Sy of  Marisse Patisserie

It was her passion to create something beautiful and delicious, fueled by the prodding of her family and friends, which led to the opening of Marisse Patisserie. When her husband decided to open KAYU :  Kitchen + Bar in 32 Sanson by Rockwell, she thought that a pastry shop right across the establishment would be a perfect complement.



Tucked a few blocks away from the busy streets of Lahug, Marisse Patisserie is nestled in a charming garden estate of 32 Sanson by Rockwell, a high-end development that exudes Cebuano’s relaxed lifestyle and warmth.

Though not easily accessible, the patisserie is a gem that’s worthy of discovery and acquaintance. We’d say it’s a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.



Greeting you at the entrance is a rustic bike with wildflowers in a basket, beckoning you to get inside. Verdant greens surround the place while overlooking a pool. Unfortunately, customers can only marvel at the serene and cool waters of the pool. Due to the lack of shower and changing rooms in the area, customers and diners are not allowed to swim in the pool. But should you wish to dine in an al fresco setting, there are cabanas neatly arranged by the poolside where you can take shade while having your breakfast or afternoon snack.

View of the pool and cabanas from Marisse Patisserie’s Garden area
A view of Marisse Patisserie from the pool side
Cabanas by the pool side in Marisse Patisserie


The interiors of Marisse Patisserie exudes a shabby chic theme with cool hues of blue and shades of teal.



Near the entrance is a mouth-watering display of cakes, pastries and other baked goodies. Industrial lamps hanging at the counter creates a rustic feel to the place.  Behind the counter is a beautiful arrangement of delicate ceramics and dainty teacups.


Every nook and cranny of the patisserie is instagram-worthy and when I say every corner, that includes their pretty restroom, as well! Millenials would surely rejoice taking snaps of their food and taking selfies for their Instagram #feedgoals





Marisse Patisserie offers a wide selection of cakes and pastries.

Something Nutty? Something Fruity? Something Chocolatey? Something Different? Whatever you fancy, Marisse Patisserie has unique cake creations that will tickle your tastebuds

Getting inspiration from her travels, Marisse whips delectable creations with a “twist”. Among the patisserie’s cake selections, must tries are Strawberry Matcha Cake, Pecado Mortal, Blueberry Lemon Cake and Pappy’s Banana Guava Cake.

Strawberry Matcha Cake | P130 (slice) P990 (whole)

Who would’ve thought that Strawberry would go well with Matcha?! A queer yet delightful combination of sweet and earthy flavor, Marisse Patisserie’s Strawberry Matha cake was surprisingly tasteful.

Pecado Mortal Cake | P130 (slice) P990 (whole)

Heavenly rich and dense. Marisse Patisserie’s Pecado Mortal is the ultimate chocolate cake for chocolate lovers. There’s the slight bitterness of chocolate coupled with a hint of coffee and the crunch of casuy brittle.

Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake | P130 (slice) P990 (whole)

The right blend of sweet and tangy flavors, the Lemon Blueberry cake was deliciously light and fresh.

Pappy’s Banana Guava Cake | P130 (slice) P990 (whole)

Created in honor of Marisse’s father who loved to eat bananas with guava jam, Pappy’s Banana Guava cake is a delicious combination of banana cake layered with guava jam, chocolate icing and cream cheese frosting.

Their delectable cheesecakes shouldn’t be missed too! Their Guava and Brownie cheesecakes are must-tries.

Guava Cheesecake
Brownie Cheesecake

Aside from desserts, Marisse Patisserie also offers savory treats and hot-grilled sandwiches.



Marisse confessed in good humor that she can’t live without bread so you’re sure to find a great selection of breads in every kind at Marisse Patisserie — loaves, buns, rolls, twists and danish.




We love their Ube and Cheese twist. Every bread was soft to the bite. Their Cinnamon roll  with Walnuts and their Ube ensaimada were also a few of our favorites.

There’s a great variety of ube-flavored and ube-filled pastries available at the patisserie and that’s because Marisse is very fond of ube. She’s one certified ube-holic.

They also have bars, tarlets and cookies that are perfect for to-go snacks or pasalubong.



For a complete list of their menu, you can visit

Marisse Patisserie
Location : 32 Sanson Road at the Rockwell, Lahug, Cebu City
Operating Hours : Fri & Sat (8AM-11PM), Tues – Thurs & Sundays (8AM-10PM)


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