Starbucks Unveils Light and Indulgent Frappuccino Flavors for July

Summer came and went by quickly! But it doesn’t stop Starbucks from concocting refreshing and fun flavors. To greet the second half of the year, Starbucks introduces light and indulgent flavors that frappuccino lovers can enjoy: Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt and Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino

sb 01

If you’re the instagram-savvy frappuccino lover, the delicious pink and purple shade of the Acai berry infused yogurt drink would definitely tickle your fancy. It’s pretty as it’s yummy! Plus, it’s healthy too (Acai berries are rich in anti-oxidants)! It also comes with pearls that burst in your mouth with delightful and refreshing notes of mixed berry goodness, finished with light and creamy milk foam.

sb acai
Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt (Photo courtesy of Starbucks Philippines Facebook page)

Meanwhile, the Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino blended beverage is a marriage of Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino with rich, chocolate flavors and a tasty blend of hearty cereal. Perfect for those who still want coffee in their Frappucino!

topped with creamy milk foam and then sprinkled with a generous topping of crunchy granola dried mixed fruit toppings

sb granola

Starbucks new handcrafted blended beverages has interesting layers and textures that are definitely perfect for this season indulgent and refreshing!


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