TOKYO SERIES | Top Things to Do in Shibuya

A popular shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo, Shibuya offers a lot of exciting activities from shopping to entertainment.

Being home to the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing is huge reason enough to check out Shibuya! It’s surely one of Tokyo’s most colorful and vibrant districts, packed with fashion malls, diners, restaurants, and night clubs serving swarms of locals and tourists everyday.


For first time visitors in Japan, roaming around the districts of Tokyo and their complex transportation system can be overwhelming, so we’ve listed down the basics. Here’s a photo list of must-do when you’re checking out the exciting Shibuya district.

  1. Visit the famous Hachiko Statue


2.  Join the mad scramble at Shibuya crossing!


3. Marvel at the busyness of Shibuya crossing


4.  Shop from Shibuya’s fashion and lifestyle malls


5. Go on a food trip and sample authentic Japanese dishes!



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