Live Brighter with Sun Life


Last June 28, 2018, Sun Life Financial once again held its #LiveBrighter forum at the Quest Hotel Cebu. It was a great event for people who would want to explore the career of a Sun Life Financial advisor.


As an ice breaker, the event started with a trivia game which got everybody pumped in the room. We then proceeded with a more serious talk about securing one’s future and the importance of financial planning.


And as much as we’d like to enjoy the present and embrace the YOLO mantra, we can not ignore our future. Cliche as it may sound, the maxim “by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail” rings true.

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Why you should consider becoming a Sun Life Financial advisor?

An attractive compensation package may be the primary reason why one would consider being a financial advisor. But the commission, incentives, bonuses and free travels are just icing on the cake. Here are great reasons why you should consider being a Sun Life Financial advisor :

Earn Unlimited Income

We all work for the money, right? As human beings, we all have primal needs that need to be met. And after satisfying our basic needs come our wants. It’s an awful feeling having to postpone carefully planned vacations and family celebrations because of budget constraints. Or simply having to skimp ourselves with lavish dinners from time to time because our wallet says we can’t afford it. We can’t be working just to pay bills. Do you know that as a Sun Life Financial advisor, you get to write your own pay check?! If you set a goal and hit your targets, you get yourself a commission, bonus and incentives big enough to cover your needs and wants.

Manage your Own Schedule

Isn’t it tiring to wake up at 6:00AM to prepare for an 8:00AM or 9:00AM job? Then go through hellish traffic and drown yourself with cups of coffee to stay awake during meetings and office hours. As a  Sun Life Financial advisor, your work hours are flexible. You get to manage your own time and work at your most productive hours.

Maximize your Potential and Enjoy Professional Growth

Sun Life also continuous learning and self-development to ensure that their financial advisors excel at their work and provide quality advice to every client. And did you know that the trainings are FREE of charge?

Get Rewarded for Your Efforts

With Sun Life, you get to steer the direction of your own success. Promotion is given to those who perform well regardless of age and tenure. Big or small, a Sun Life Financial advisor’s hard-work is rewarded from simple tokens (medals, trophies, certificates, cash incentives, etc.) to dream vacations with round trips to local and international destinations!

Get into the Business of Helping Others

Beyond the financial rewards of being a Sun Life Financial advisor, you get to help people plan for their future as you enrich your present. It gives you an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives by being their partner to financial freedom.

As a financial advisor, you get to provide your clients with sound, relevant and professional financial advice to guide them build a solid future for themselves and their loved ones. It’s rewarding to be able to give clients and their families the best chance for a financially-secure life.

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For more information about the purposeful career of becoming a Sun Life advisor, you can visit


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