Spider-Man: Far From Home Exclusive Movie Screening with Philips Monitors

Entertainment mogul Sony Pictures Entertainment in partnership with the leading display brand, Philips Monitors brought the the latest Marvel film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, to the big screen here in Cebu for an an exclusive media screening at the Director’s Club of SM Seaside Cebu City.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 2.18.06 AM



After a blockbuster release in 2017, Spider-Man returns continuing the adventures of Peter Parker and his teenage friends. The movie follows Peter Parker as he goes on a school trip with his friends in Europe. Unfortunately, superheroes can’t go on vacations, and trouble follows Peter throughout the continent. As elemental threats from another dimension appeared to sow chaos, Spider-Man gets recruited by both Nick Fury and Mysterio for a rollercoaster ride of a field trip.



We were elated to be one of the select people who got to enjoy and experience the exciting action scenes and awe-inspiring special effects of the web slinging superhero movie with Philips Monitor’s. Spider-Man’s flashy moves, amazing maneuvers and bad-guy butt-kicking come fully alive with the monitor’s vivid color imagery, giving the teenage superhero a refined look that only the best monitors could provide.

You too can also experience real immersion just like watching the movie at the cinema with Philips Monitors 328E9QJAB Curved LCD Monitor with Ultra Wide-Color! Just like Spider-Man, the 328E9QJAB is fast, agile and unbeatable.

Approved KV02

Sporting a full HD display for its whole 32” screen, Philips Monitor 328E9QJAB offers a very immersive experience for both gaming and watching movies. Its ultra wide color range gives the most accurate representation of colors in display monitors. It also has LowBlue Mode and FlickerFree features to protect your eyes from strain, allowing for a healthier entertainment lifestyle.

Philips Monitors Spider-Man: Far From Home Promo

If you purchase participating Philips Monitors products from July 1 to 31, you’ll get a chance to get exclusive Spider-Man collectibles! The promo is available in participating stores and dealers nationwide.

Collectibles for this promotion include the following items: One (1) Spider-Man Far
From Home Mini Drone, One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Location Device, One (1)
Spider-Man Far From Home Travel Neck Pillow, One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home
Luggage Tag, One (1) Spider-Man Passport Cover, and One (1) Spider-Man Mini

Consumer promo KV (1)

Don’t miss your chance to get these exclusive goodies, grab a Philips Monitor now!

For more info about Philips Monitors promo mechanics, check out their Facebook page:


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